About Us

Hello sunshine!

Nenad, Sandi, and I have been working in Istria for quite some time. We are so different, but yet our differences make us a great team!
We are all fond of Istria and its natural charms and delicacies. Nenad, who lives in Pazin, is especially passionate about its history and loves to share his knowledge. He will be able to assist in giving you useful tips about getting around or just sharing his interests in sport 😉
As an interior designer with my own studio, and with a passion for Mediterranean architecture, its materials, and natural forms, I planned our vacation rentals through the careful selection of materials and design.
Sandi is a businessman and but also a hedonist – he loves wine and Istrian delicacies, of which there are plenty…
We all like to hit the road and travel around, so we were able to combine our knowledge and experiences in designing our vacation rentals, not just for it to be a beautiful place to stay but also to meet your needs as a guest.
Come and enjoy! Hello sunshine! 😉

Lidija, Sandi, Nenad